I Feel So Frustrated!

I can't find a job that I would be able to do. Even a job at McDonald's would be to difficult. I am NOT a people person! I do not have great communications skills, I make such stupid mistakes sometimes, and I am a terribly awkward person. The only thing I'm good at is taking care of kids, but I can't find a place to hire me since I am not 18 years of age yet. I see plenty of parents in need of a babysitter, but the sites that they signed up on only except babysitters who are 18+ and some sites even say that they won't hire anyone unless they are of age (18) and have taken CPR and first aid classes.

I am only 17, but I really need a job to help me pay for college classes and so I can help my family with some bills.

I need a job!!
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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

I can completely relate ,i'm 18 and Unemployed :|