Interview Great, Credit Check Bad

I just finished the second interview now with four people, for my hopefully new position, after having been laid off almost two months ago.

I was really excited until they made the offer and told me it is contingent on me passing a credit check (and background etc).
I have horrible credit. He said "So nows the time to tell me if you have ever filed bankruptcy etc etc"

I am PIST OFF that this is required for jobs. Especially in such a tough economy right now. F***g banks get bailouts and spend some of the money on luxurious outings and exorbitant management severance packages, not loaning back the money that they were given to do so, and a consumer can't find work if s/he has defaulted on a credit card payment during a bad divorce.

Im not handling cash in this job and I wont be stealing from them! Never even had a parking ticket in my life. Not a criminal and its not fair to treat people this way who want to work!!!!!!!!!!

WhatMattersCannotBeSeen WhatMattersCannotBeSeen
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1 Response Feb 12, 2009

hey , i hear ya 100 percent. I dont understand what credit has to do with how well you work.I too have horrible credit and i still work good , dont call in , im here everyday and do what im told... all with a big fake smile. So i dont know how they can get one thing from the other.