I graduated last year and realized that I hate my Major. I want to work in another field so I lied in my CV and added a false experience. But then I got scared and didn't go to the interview. Now I've decided to look for an internshio in that field to gain some experience before applying to jobs ? do you think it's the right thing to do ? Thanks :)
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hmmm just look for internship it'll help your skills and experiences. You could look for internship that pays, too.

Well you can have your experiences but how about a good earning experience

That's a good plan. You can also try doing some work that is adjacent to your chosen field. More details would be helpful in making suggestions. What your major was, what the new field is and what you've done in the past. There can be a lot of cross-over in the business world. It's not uncommon for an administrative admin to prepare financial reports,or for a receptionist to deal with HR paperwork and travel arrangements. Highlight those cross-over duties on your CV. Get rid of the false experience it's too easy to verify and once they do you have no shot.

That's great advice Thank you ! I have a degree in software engineering. I don't know if you're familiar with IT fields but I majored in embedded and mobile systems, these are computer systems that are designed to work within a larger electronic system. I chose this field only because I couldn't get in a better one with my marks. What I wanted to do and what I still want to do is Business intelligence. It's about collecting relevant data about an organisation performance and taking actionable conclusions from it so you can make decisions on how to improve different aspects of the business. I will follow your advice and give my cv a makeover to highlight all the cross-over duties that I did ! Thank you !

Yes..but try and see if you can juggle partime work for extra cash....If you can do it ...

Great idea ... Thanks !