Dreams Shattered

I got placed in a big company during my campus interviews in 2007 march. Its been 2 years now that company havn't given me the joining date because of recession. All of my friends are working now and only I got left unemployed.

I started a website when i was in college which got very popular in no time. For two years i earned well and when I was planning to employ few guys to help me expand my business, adsense disabled my account and i lost around 1.5 lakh rupees from my account. All of my dreams got shattered. All of my months of hard work went to drain. Now i have nearly zero income from the website, no other job in hand. That company haven't given me the joining date yet. I lost my whole year after graduation and now I am still a fresher seeking a entry level job.

I don't talk to anybody, don't go outside. My phone remains switched off always. I am 24 years old and I don't feel like doing job anymore and just want to pass rest of life somehow.

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2 Responses Mar 19, 2009

gosh, i went through something almost identical and it ruined my life. i hate to be so honest but it is true. thanks for sharing.

You are way TOO young to be talking about giving up!!<br />
I understand where you're coming from.. I'm 24 as well, unemployed for the past...8 months - god it is painful to admit to that.. - and I've isolated myself as well specially cause some of my "friends" seem to be happy somehow with my situation and spare no effotrs in bringing me down further. My GP wanted to prescribe me some diazapam or some s*** like that. F her and F the people who are trying to bring me down! It is temporary!! Remember that!<br />
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"Nothing in this wicked world is permanent. Not even our troubles" Charles Chaplin