Ive Never Had a Proper Paid Jo...

ive never had a proper paid job in my life.
cluck cluck
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why? are you fear of work commitment ?

As a teenager that would not happen unless it were a family member or friend that let you work for them. This is a cold cruel world and unless you know someone personally to make a decent wage, I am here to tell you I'm in my 40s and making half of what I should make. I'm extremely experienced with a college education but in this era that means absolutely nothing. It's all in who you know. <br />
<br />
I worked as a secretary at a dentist office while in highschool and in the beginning he started me off at 5 dollars an hour. After he witnessed how hard I worked, two months later he began paying me 10 dollars an hour. Just do your best and hopefully the money will come to you. Even though I am grossly underpaid, I'm just happy to have a job in this day and age.

Why is that? It sounds like it has been you choice not to have had a proper paid job ever. If it is not your fault, then whose is it? Whosever fault it is is in control of your life and future, and that person is the only one with the power to change it. Who dictates your life and path?

go get a grant and go back to school and do better.<br />
it is what you do that makes you deserving. RU?