Got Fired From My First Real Job

It is absolutely sad that an employer would hire someone based on their looks. But it's even more sad if you don't know about it. If you are attractive, you have greater chances of getting a job, however, if you are unattractive, you have a greater chance of keeping your job.

I was hired by a male (early 40s) who read my resume and knew exactly how much education, experience etc. I had (this was my first job after graduation). At first he was extremely nice... Once I told him that I was in a serious relationship (just mentioned in a conversation, since I felt him hitting on me), he started treating me like dirt... wanted me to do work that I was not hired for. A month later when he found out that I got engaged, he fired me. Of course his reasoning was that I don't know enough about the job (again, he knew about my level of education and experience) 

I keep telling myself it has nothing to do with my ability to work, but when it's your first job and someone tells you, you are stupid... it makes me wonder if my degree was even worth it. 

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4 Responses Feb 8, 2010

Thank you all for the great supporting comments, I was finally able to get a temporary job. It is through a recruiting company and I am soooo happy. I fell so behind with my bills and credit cards because I didn't have a job.

It's good you're not there anymore, I know it's difficult being unemployed, keep positive thoughts and keep looking, the right person will hire you.

It is they who are stupid

It is they who are stupid