Destined To Be A Great Race-Car Driver

I was once given something called a "Work Temperament Inventory" as a part of the services offered by a local facility that assists disabled individuals find employment. I'm not certain the reason, but some of the questions asked on this test quite honestly sent me into a laughing hysteria.

The rules of the test are simple. I was to circle either like, or dislike for every sentence. Some of these sentences though... Well, I think I used my dictionary more than my pencil for one! Secondly... Holy cow! I have to wonder, was the goal to list these in the most bland possible way? Some of these were just so bizarre... I've never laughed so much during a test in my entire life! Thank goodness it was a take-home test, I likely would have been committed!

Now, before you think I've lost my mind entirely, allow me to showoff some of the finer examples:

- Like/Dislike: "Determine physical properties of metals by measuring hardness, elasticity, and malleability."
Comment: I know this must be a stretch, but I went with dislike on this one. I mean, please! If I could actually do whatever Science they were speculating in that question, I don't think I'd be in need of work!

- Like/Dislike: "Brush gold leaf onto designs on picture frames."
Comment: What do you do for a living? I am a frame brusher? What!? No offense to anyone who does this by the way... I'm sure it's a perfectly respectable job, it just seemed a little random.

- Like/Dislike: "Supervise workers who care for race horses."
Comment: Is this field of work so crowded that the question had to be listed as number twenty-five on a one hundred an thirty-four question test? Honestly, is it just me? If the questions are already this abstract by number twenty-five...

- Like/Dislike: "Answer questions for bus riders."
Comment: I'm sorry, but is that even a profession? I admit, I don't get out much, but seriously. I have two little cousins who love talking about what they want to be when they grow up. Not once have I heard, "I want to be a question answerer for bus riders."

- Like/Dislike
: "Push levers or pedals to move material onto a conveyor or stock pile."
Comment: While I think I understand what this question is trying to convey, I don't see how it could possibly be phrased to sound anymore bland than that. (There isn't enough Ritalin in the world to make this test interesting...)

- Like/Dislike
: "Demonstrate, sell, and service sewing machines."
Comment: Wow! That must be an exciting field... I... I don't even know what to say about that...

Maybe I am just completely horrible... I will absolutely leave room for that possibility! I could truly lack any sense of the real world. It's certainly a distinct possibility, and not one in which I plan to deny. Still, I could not stop laughing at some of these.

The only "like" I circled was related to driving a race car. Don't worry, I have no false delusions of being skilled in that area, the directions said simply to answer like/dislike with no regard to actual skill. So perhaps I am destined to become a great race car driver, but somehow I seriously doubt it.

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