My marriage is very lonely, empty and unhappy. We rarely talk and when I try to talk he tells me he doesnt know what to say. On days off he would rather be with the kids or friends than me, and if I ask to do something he gets so upset. People say why dont I leave him, many reasons really, who really knows if the grass with be greener on the otherside, financially we are hanging on together with the economy as it is, and he is a good dad. To connect with others who are in the same situation as me who are really unable to leave but stay for many reasons would be great. I will keep trying and figure out what needs to be done to make things better for us, not really ready yet to give up a marrage of 21 years.
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will iam in the same boat. i do not think there is a solution. my wife is committed to her kids to a degree that i feel i do not exist we sleep in different rooms and we do not talk for months . the family is shuttered . my kids do not like me and iam to them the money provider nothing more nothing less. i work on all holidays and avoid going home. then we have agreed that we do not separate but to look as if we are still married in front of our kids. i have never seen anybody as stupid as she is. she turned the kids against me by our continious fights and loud discussions. i do not know i think just to drop everything and just be freeeee i frankly do not care at alll. it is a punishment or even it is a curse.

Thanks for your wonderful comments, and words of wisdom I appreciate them and has given me lots to think about ...:)

I know how you feel, i'm in the same situation except i think i am at the point where i could give up however we have a kid and we have financial obligations so thats kinda holding me back now. If things have been that bad for that long i think you should be asking how to get out rather than figure out how to make it work. just my opinion

Your so right life is too short, thank you for your comment and kind words, helps me motivate myself to make me more happy :)

Life is short dear. Set your priorities and full speed ahead. You can not make someone else happy unless you are happy yourself