Unhappy How My Marriage Has Turned Out

I have known my husband since 2003 and got married in 2006. At first, it was great, until my husband started to become verbally abusive. I then realized that I married a man that had my father's personality.   Not good! I always said I would never marry anyone like my abusive father. I would say in the past 2 years, my marriage has become rocky. My husband treats me like a child and puts me down. When I tell him to stop it, he tells me that I need to be told what to do. I defend myself by telling him that I will not be treated in a verbal and mentally abusive way. That I do not need to be told what to do or correct me if I am not doing something the way he likes it done. I am living with the junk my dad put me through. Just what I needed!!!  I know some people wonder why i didn't see this in the beginning.  Well, I met my husband right when my dad passed away.  In fact, my husband and dad never got to meet because my dad died before they could meet.  Probably a good thing!  I was so overwhelmed with the loss of my dad and then my favorite aunt a month later passed away too.  Then I had to be strong for my mom and help her with selling my parents house.  My husband was nothing but helpful (well, we were just dating at the time).  Of course, I didn't see his bad side while dealing with 2 deaths in my family and then my mom becoming ill as well.  

I have asked my husband to go to marriage counseling however he refuses to go. Most of the time I go into a different room so I don't hear the negativity from my husband.  A few weeks ago, my husband was nice to me.  I told him that I appreciated him treating me well and I was happy.  That didn't last for long, which it never does.  So that is my experience of being unhappily married.
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Hi, I am sorry to hear that. So before this man became your husband he didn't verbally abuse you or it happened after you married him? I know how you feel about being treated like a child, they don't realize that we despise them for talking to us any kind of way.