Unhappily Committed-

First time I have ever posted anything about my problems with my long-term boyfriend but here we go.

We have been living together close to three years now and the first year was wonderful. After that, things started getting rocky, and I just bottled up all of my emotions. I was too afraid of saying something to push him away. About 10 months ago, I started standing up for myself. I told him how I felt, and how it wasn't fair that he devoted all of his time to video games and ignoring me. We haven't been intimate in close to two months. I'll admit that I have been in a funk for some time and gained some weight but I have recently been working out on a consistent basis, trying to get myself happy with myself again. I am perfectly able to participate in the bedroom and it is not as if I haven't tried showing him affection. I am just tired of feeling rejected. I feel trapped. I feel tempted to stray when other men show me attention. I have resisted, but sometimes the attention and feeling wanted is so tempting. I want to do something different. I want to liven our relationship, anytime I have suggested it, I feel as if he could care less. It is quite depressing. I was hoping by posting someone would maybe have some advice, or is in the same/similar situation and just needs someone to talk to about it.
krissyjayy krissyjayy
18-21, F
Jun 26, 2012