I've been married for 21 years and if it wasn't for my wonderful kids it would have been a total waste of time. The marriage degraded over the years and now it's to the point where just being in the same room is just too much tension. We haven't kissed much less made love in over two years. We both know that we are just waiting for the kids to grow up or to have the money to be able to afford the split. Until either...I'm trapped. My wife is a very cynical woman and doesn't trust much less like even the closest of her friends and now she's turned on me. I can't do or say anything without a sigh or evil comment from her. When she wants me to know something she tells the kids in front of me so that she doesn't have to speak to me directly. She doesn't help with laundry, dishes or cleaning of any kind. She has piles of junk everywhere and we can't even have friends or family over because of the clutter. She does cook but barely. She's the only woman I've ever been with and now i can see that we should have waited. I made that mistake of marrying the first girl who would talk to me all because I was too shy to meet girls. Now i'm trapped.
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sorry to hear this, its must be sad to live day to day like this, all I can say is life is too short to live it unhappy, if there is a way out, get out and go find some happiness

sorry to hear this, i am also in the same boat, life is to short , im going to end mine very soon, best of luck

thanks, you too