Unhappy Marriage

I got married in 2007.my inlaws are very bad people espacially my mother inlaw. My motherinlaw screamed at me after 3rd day of my marriage. She always taunting me on silly things. After 15 days i came to uk with my husband where he starded fighting after 10 days bcoz her mother gave him instructions . Once she really got angry on him coz he take me for outing for the first time on beach.she took every thing from me amd always defamed me in people my husband support me in front of her but after that he finds issues to fight with me and demand me to say sorry to her mother then if i say she did this to me he started screaming throwing things he broke lots of house things and today he broke tv. After arguing he started beating me . I m extreamliy tired and dnt kno wat to do coz i dnt want divorce i m 30 year n hv two kids. Plz suggest me wat to do
Sunsh Sunsh
Aug 12, 2012