Unhappy After 25 Years

I have been with my husband for 25 years, and although we are completely opposit we loved each oyther very much, our relationship has never been about touchy feeling, we just always knew that we loved each other. The problem I am having is that he had a stroak a couple years ago and since then his health has went down hill.
But here recently he has really showed health issues to the point that i feel he wont be here much longer, he refuses to get medical help, he says that he dont want to go thru a bunch of test but that he would rather just give up. That is what is hard he is making our lives miserable watching him detereate, he is so negative towards our kids and they dont even want to be around him anymore. In the last couple weeks he has really showed poor health issues, he hallucinates and is snappy with my grandbabies and ourt kids.
I work two jobs just so i dont have to sit and watch him, when I am at home all he does is sleep and make things miserable for all of us. i am so looking for a companiship for someone to talk to
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When he had his stroke he had what is called an organic traumatic brain injury and because of this his brain rewired its self and because of that, his personality has changed and he is a different person from whom you married

You're too young and fulkl of life to live like that. You have to restructure your life around yourself and gradually leave him.

Hi lonelymeme,<br />
Sorry to hear about the situation with your hubby. When people get chronically ill they change and become not the person we knew. Thats not good if he is snapping at the kids and grandkids, I am sure your kids understand as they must be older, but try and tell the little ones he is just sick and not feeling well and best just leave him alone to rest.<br />
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Does he have any brothers or sisters that you can enlist to encourage him to seek medical attention? If not I think I would be speaking to you Doctor, if he is hallucinating, I am not sure he is cognative to be making his own medical decisions, in which case you will have to step in, maybe he should be hospitilized. <br />
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My best friend just passed a few months ago now after a 4 year battle with cancer, what a roller coaster ride of emotions that was, so I know its not an easy road to watch a love one fail and go down hill. Stay strong<br />
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Take care of yourself too