My Husband Really Doesn't Talk To Me

I have been married for 7 years. At first I thought I was the love of his life and that we would always be as playful and loving as the first day we said I do. Then, it all started he reached out to a family he never knew, he started meeting female friends that he his from me and still today does. Yes, I went through cell phone bills that seemed to be the only way to find the truth of who I was really married to. This of course has angered him. since he knows I can still see any of these numbers why would he keep up this behavior. Why say you love me and still hurt me. Why doesn't he talk to me more rather than everyone else. My husband has never cheated on me physically, but I wonder if he is cheating on me mentally. He says he loves me. If this is so then why have I been down graded to the level of a rock. How do I stop this behavior of his without losing him. Is this a midlife crisis and what is wrong with these women who know he is married and still keep up this behavior with him.

serious situation
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1 Response Sep 21, 2012

I am in a very similar situation! The emotional cheating is just as hurtful but mine doesn't think it is cheating... A lot of love and respect has been lost because of this. How are you doing now?