Struggling And Undecided

I've been married 9 years with 4 kids I'm the one that is always at fault basically I do everything wrong .from being blamed and convicted for things that I don't do for even being called treated the worses names ever accused of taking his money all time he says .sometime I get money but its for the kids or the house but. constantly be blamed.
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4 Responses Nov 27, 2012

I feel that he is not really happy that whatever goes wrong or bad for him he needs someone to blame I guess its always going to be me as long as here .

Tell him the one who took the money is the one you were seating with so he will wonder if there is any of his friends who took the money dont worry he will find out if you tell him he must have lost them on his way back home its obvious

Just yesterday he swore that I took 100 dollars from him but I didn't so I left and stayed iny van with my kids for 5 hours wondering if my kids and I were going to sleep in our van . While he was home drinking

Has your relationship always been like this with your spouse? If so, why stay in this kind of relatioship? It is not good for you or the kids.

He as always been like this its getting worser though I just don't no anymore its hard .tly I stay so my kids can have both of us I grew up without a father I don't want to put my baby's through that I no its healthy .

but honestly,
this kind of father will surely make the situation worse for the would be better for them to stay in a healthy and positive environment...full of love...instead of this abusive kind of behavior...they may start to hate their childhood....please dont take me offense.

love and positive vibes.