I've been married a little over a year and there has been not one single day when i thought to myself why on earth did i do this. I met my husband two years back and felt something close to "love" and i just took the plunge with him. Even before we were married we would fight every single day and yet i went ahead and got married. He is egoistic and very self centered. Everything that goes wrong is either me or my family. His sister is mentally unstable and she yelled at me calling me all sorts of names within the first week of married life. He did support me at the time but it was short lived. I was supposed to "forget " and patch up with her since she would never take the first step. My mother in law is interfering , mean and wicked. And the fact that my husband is a "mommy's boy" adds to my pain. He is extremely immature for a 30 year old. We have a huge age gap. i am 24 and i feel i understand things way beyond my age but my husband would never even attempt to understand my point of view ever.It has been one year of misery and emotional abuse. I used to be a happy person. I already feel like i have aged 20 years and i cant remember the last time i was genuinely happy. Every day the regret burdens my soul and i feel trapped. I cannot move out of the marriage. it is not an option for me .
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Hi. I have been married for 6 years , now 29 & scared of getting older alone --: (( & I am deadly unhappy. I have been trying to make thus marriage work. My husband does not love me at all. All he has to put conditions on me to love me back.
I have no kids yet coz he s not interested to have sex. I have been in a very depressive & abusive marriage since first day. Thought I kept trying to make it work. Now I am really thinking I have wasted my time for this SELFISH MAN. I have cried all these years. Please get out this marriage. Selfish people never change. They only expect from others.
He has always been asking for divorce & still misses his gf! But no care for my emotions. Nor his family s concerned. Bunch of selfish people. I am now really trying to make myself stronger to come out of this lonely marriage & have a divorce. So you don't waste your emotions in this one sided marriage.

I'm in the same sitituation been married 9 years with 4 kids its very hard to live like I've been doing for about 8 years kept thinking things will change he will change kept having kids . ANd now I feel there's no way out I don't want to hurt my children by leaving there father . Just no if u don't have any kids with him u have a chance run while u can I wish I did good luck and take care of yourself

Please get divorce ASAP. I am almost 36, and i am married for 8 years... and have the same feelings every day... we are in the process of divorce, but i also have two children with me now. Please get divorce and find love! You are sooo young! I wish i would listen my intuition 8years ago and get divorce then or don't even get married.

I don't think she is stupid. Love is when you are with someone who totally understands you and supports you. Love is when someone makes you feel better about yourself. Staying with someone who doesn't give u those things most of the time isn't right. I've been doing it for 4 years now and feel like I have lost myself completely. We bring the worst out in each other and when I do leave him, I won't be stupid, I will finally find myself again.