Unhappily Married

Married for 14 years. Wife is has boundary issues with her family. There is nothing she will not tell any member of her family, right down to how much money she spends for practically every item she buys. Talks to her mom at least 8 times a day. When home, constantly watches TV. We have not had any kind of sex in at least 12 years. Can't cook and constantly complaining about every aches and pain she experiences. Does no have much of a relationship with her step son or even her two dogs. Have to watch every word or sentence I say worried that she will take it the wrong way and then not talk to me for days on end. Other than that it is a solid relationship. LOL
wantmorefun wantmorefun
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3 Responses Nov 30, 2012

I feel for u know abt chronic tv watching not wanting to do anything fun...even going to the park n feeding t ducks....a sad sack of pain constant complaining...your not alone...

Your story resonates with me. When I married my wife 20 years ago, she was a different person. Fancy free, great lover, great mom and fun friend. 20 years hence, she is completely a-sexual, consumed with gossip in our town, chronic TV watcher, and also has boundary issues with her parents. She is also an extreme helicopter parent with both of my kids (causes lots of stress for everyone). I now feel like a part of the ceiling tile - completely marginalized. The only, only reason I stay w/her is because of my son who is a sophomore in high school - I just can't do it to him (divorce). Hoping I can make a positive life change when he goes off to college. For now, lonelier and more miserable than I could have ever imagined.

Wantmorefun: goodness!! Definetly no way to live. Kinda know the feeling because my husband is always traveling and when home he's not really with me.
Feel better, and thank you for kind words.