Life Can Have It Ups And Downs

Now i was happy with my husband in the beginning then he started changing he's like a time bomb waiting to go off he has the worst temper i ever seen and sents we been together i had to hear over and over again how bad his ex wife treated him, it has long sents gotten on my nerves for 22yrs. i had to hear this **** daily....Then he don't even want to be passionate or romantic during sex don't care how he dresses or make his self appealing to me..I want a man that take care of himself and dresses up now and then and be loving towards me he's not this at all get at times abusive and wanting everything to go his way and sometimes he will even say nasty things to me and picks at me when we met i already was a single parent my son was 2yrs old then he even treated him badly i call it abuse then he fooled me we had 2 kids together we didn't get married until 7yrs, after and if i had known then what i know now i would have stayed single especially when he's still doing drugs and lies about it! I want better.........
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