I Just Want To Be Loved

My wife now an alcoholic refuses to admit she is even when drinking most days of the week but thats not all. My kids 19 refuse to pay board at times do otherwise sit around allday not attempting to get work. Back to my wife of 20yrs she is always on her iphone messaging txting etc apart from drinking is all she does. I am over it and want to leave this situation, sick of yhe partys that happen with the kids mates turning up, wife dosent mind so long as they give her alcohol. Is there anyone out there that wants love as I have heaps to give but living here I'm feel used for providing a house, paying the bills food etc
Taureanmale Taureanmale
41-45, M
1 Response Dec 10, 2012

Well an update to this my wife left me almost a month ago to a facebook lover, and it was 22yrs married not 20, now all alone