Slipping Away

My husband and I got married a few months after we found out I was pregnant. We both knew I was going to get pregnant so I guess you can say it was planned. Anyways it's only been 4months into our marriage and we don't even sleep in the same room anymore, he sleeps all the time, never wants to do anything not even finish the baby bed for our son that's about to be here. He just acts like nothing is important. I feel like I ***** to much about it but I mean I want him to listen to me! I just don't see how this is going to work out between us if he doesn't straighten up and be the man I married.
BabyboyH BabyboyH
1 Response Jan 6, 2013

It's sad but sometimes it was never meant to be ...and unfortunately many of us dont realize this until our kids are already in the picture and/or we're already married. It's heart breaking when you doubt the person you married almost everyday. Hope it all works out for you. Take Care of yourself and your beautiful baby!