Unhappily Married

Our marriage has been rocky from the start. I often wonder if I settled cause I was getting older and was alone. He always put his family above me. He has never been able to provide our basic necessities. My dh basically is a mommas boy . He never listens to my opinions and doesnt take my concerns into consideration he always does what he wants to do and doesnt even care what I want. We have a non existent sex life.
UnhappilyMarried9 UnhappilyMarried9
5 Responses Jan 7, 2013

leave him.

You've waisted 10 years!!!! Don't waist any more.

Now you wish you've never Married him!!!! Its understandable we make mistakes. I think you should leave him its better alone then to live a life like that. Plus you have ur kids now ur ur not alone. Your destroying ur self and ur kids life. Try to leave him better off u and ur kids. Maybe someone who is worth it will come along but not if your stuck with him. Think about it (: Good Luck ((((hugs)))))

I was afraid of being alone.

Why did you marry?