Broken Marriage

My husband and i met in 2007, when i was completing my matric. We started dating that december, but i was seeing someone else but he didnt know, he was also getting out of a long relationship with his ex, while we where dating i fell pregnant twice but terminated the pregnancies because i didnt wonna let our families down, and a few months in our relationship he found out about the other guy i was seeing, i promised him id breakup with the other guy, a few mnths later my husband proposed and we got married in 2009, since we got married we'v had problem after problem, we have family issues, he hasnt forgiven me for the terminations, we got involved in an accident with his first car because we fighting while driving and i turned the wheel n now the car is a write off, we'v had infedility problems, the list off our problems is endless. Now everytime we fight he tells me ow tiredhe is of me and how marrying me was the worst thing he could have done, and that he would be better off without me, i think he hates me nw, the fact that we barely have sex makes it worse, we a 1 year old son, n i dnt want him to grow up without his father, i grew up without my father and my step dad commited suicide, i try n overlook most things tht he says and does but now i dnt trust him with my heart and we dont make each othet happy anymore, what do i do?
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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

Hey. I just found this (and I'm amazed nobody has replied!). I'd write my own reply but I don't know where you're up to now. How's it going?