I'm Jealous Of My Hubbys Best Friend

My husbands best friend has always came before me. At first i couldn't understand why i disliked him so much but it clicked a few days ago. I want to know so badly what makes his friend cooler than me. Why would you rather spend all your time with your bff than your wife. Its been 7 years of the same thing. I think i stay for the kids and because i dont want to be lonely. I mean im lonely now but divorce is like REALLY lonely. Ive brought it to his attention in a yelling crying way and in a calm understanding way. Neither way has worked. We argued about it on fri night he went out with him on sat night. I feel like he honestly just does not care if im happy or not. I wanna know from a mans point of view...what should i do?? 7 yrs of always being in second place. Should i leave? ?
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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

This seems pretty similar to what I am going through... Just seems to have happened in the last couple of months and we have been married almost a year...