Not Sure What To Do...

My husband and met back in the beginning of 2011. We got married alittle over a year later. He was this great sweet caring man. That is until o said I do. Now he's selfish, mean, nasty towards me when he doesn't get his way. He only wants to compromise when its convenient for him. Otherwise its his way or I have to deal with and Adult Man Child for real. He will literally stomp his feet around the house, yelling, cussing, slamming doors, the while nine yards of a temper tantrum. I end up giving in just to make him stop. He has no motivation to do anything unless its his off days and he's sucking down beers constantly. He has a 3 yr daughter who comes to stay with us for a week every three weeks. We uae to be on the same page with her and since we got married he just does what he wants and has an attitude with me with I say anything at all (like you shouldn't give a 3yr candy before meals and wonder why she won't eat) then when she has a sugar rush or is way too upset then he wants me to intervene. When its convenient for him! I bring in more money and pay more bills than he does. I was already established when we met. He had nothing until he met me. I'm not happy. I dred coming home when I know he's there.
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I'm married to a selfish immature one too. Our 3 year old has been sick today, vomited in my hair, he just got finished soaking in a bath for an hour and I still have vomit on me. He got upset because I changed the channel to cartoons for her sake. He said the F word in front of her and that has me the most angry. When I lock doors he has to unlock them. I hate his guts and wish we were never married.

Will he sure as hell don`t give a crap about you , all he will do is use you as a slave , the next thing will be the beatings and believe me , they will come !!!!!!!!

I feel I should. But I'm also torn bc I know he has nobody except me. He'll have no where to go and no family that gives a crap about him. I guess I just don't want to feel like I gave up on him too...

Be smart and get out , he will never change but it will get worst .