Comming Up On 10 Years And Have Lost My Disire

In the now almost 10 years since we have gotten married, my husband has become a totally different person. A person I no longer desire to be around and he makes it so painfully open that he dont care about this relationship anymore. A few years ago we took a break to see if we really wanted this relationship to continue. He not only said but, he did and took the steps to continue on with our marriage. Now 3 years later we are back to step one again.So as my 40th birthday just passes by me, I have no desire nor feelings anymore. I actually find myself dreaming at night of old days filled with laughter and loving smiles with an old friend. (whom I miss dearly and is now married himself) I kick myself in the butt every night as I cry myself to sleep that I let him get away. Lord knows I wouldnt be with this xbox addicted verbally abusive man right now. If only 10 years ago I would have known. :(
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1 Response Jan 17, 2013

Are you unhappy because of your husband or because you let the other guy go. Stop comparing the two guys.