What Am I Doing Wrong??

We have known each other for 17 years but have been married for 2. Not long after we got together i got pregnant...4 months later we got married. As soon as he found out i was pregnant he told me to have an abortion. I told him NO!! All through my pregnancy he was so awful to me. He cheated on me. Kept telling me that my son wasnt his. Was never there for me. When my water broke and i went to the hospital... he slept on the couch up until i started pushing. He didnt stay in the hospital with me.. i had noone! I had a C-section and when it was time to go home he didnt wanna help then either. He refused to get up at night and help... i had to do it all by myself. He didnt want anything to do with my son for almost a year. Im bisexual and he uses it to his advantage. He was on my *** to get a Girlfriend. So i got one. We got drunk one night and had a 3some. Now he gets upset if me and her go and be together and he isnt involved. So he tells me that if i can have a GF and he cant join in.. that he wants one. Tonight he tells me that he isnt happy with our sex life unless another woman is involved. We have many other issues that he dont want to talk about. He just yells at me and nothing gets solved. I am so tired of crying and hurting. I dont know where to go from here.
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Jan 24, 2013