I can't believe I have done this to myself...I am married to the most hateful, inconsiderate man alive. Everything and I do mean everything has to be done on HIS terms. He doesn't even like me to ask him questions every now and then. We haven't been intimate in 7 years!!!

I know that it hasn't been easy and he's not all to blame, but he has been controlling, mean and purposefully hurtful whenever the chance arises. I have been sick for a little more than a year and I need him to take me to appointments and every time I have one he throws a fit. He works from home so it makes it a lot harder that we don't get a break from each other,

My family wants me to leave him and so do I but I'm afraid of him. I'm afraid he will use my illness against me and take my son from me.

I wish more than anything that I could find a way to make this work other than not to speak unless spoken to.

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get your family and friends involved and get out of that house. He is abusing you. Good advice has been given to you. I hope you will take it. : )

You are an abused wife, and it will only get worse. Please get out. Do you have family you could go to? There will at least be a women's support group in your area. Get out the phone book/internet when he's not home and look them up! There's help out there for you - you don't have to remain at his mercy. You deserve better.

That is exactly right!!!

i am so sorry i know exactly how you feel damn if yoiu do damn if you don't