Break Me Down


and yes....

Hit me in the face again... Please... and remind me why it's OK to do that in front of my daughter.

Kick me in the back while I am walking down some stairs....
Who does that to "the one they love"?

What is my problem that I can't just walk away... leaving is too hard
Yet staying, is dying inside at all times.

LongLost LongLost
31-35, M
3 Responses Aug 6, 2010

SnowBunny - It definitely is not healthy, and I am attempting to figure out the best thing to do.<br />
<br />
Man2Woman - It's not fun a lot of the time, that is for sure. You are right about some of the thoughts I might have had, but mostly it is because of my daughter, and any effects on her.<br />
<br />
Thanks to both of you for taking the time to read about my situation, understand, and share. I appreciate that.

Oh sweethart sounds like you really need someone. Being in a relationship like that must be heel but I have a few thoughts if you have the time. The first thought is that deep downa part of you loves you partner and really hopes that they will realise what they are doing to you and stop. The second thought is that you dont want to brake up because it would have conciquences on you kids and you mite also be to scared to leave them with your partner. Well what ever you decide to do I hope you end up happy.

I am so sorry for your pain Longlost. Leaving is never easy, but this doesn't sound like a healthy relationship for you. Please be careful~