I have been married almost 9 years.....together almost 11.  I feel my wife doesnt love me, and will honestly admit that at this point I cant say I love her

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i can tell you the day my wife fell out of love with me. It wasn't something I did but rather didn't do, she had septoplasty(inner nose surgery) and as we split our bills and have seperate accounts, I gave her $500.00 towards her surgery. It wasn't enough and she feels I should have given more. Maybe I should have, but at the time we didn't even know the full amount it would be costing. She lost faith that I would be there for her at that point. I love her too much to leave her, but am in so much pain staying with her.

I am at the same point i care deeply, but when is enough enough...i mean hell we joined and i am unhappy with my marriage web sit because we are so sad.....

Thanks Poppy, and yes goldie...2 girls

you have kids?

I was not IN LOVE with my husband when we married. But,, after all we've been through for the past 27 years, he's still my best friend.<br />
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You must decide what you want. What will make you happy. Best of luck my friend!

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