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I was married for 13 yrs the first time, then briefly a 2nd and 3rd time...this is my 4th marriage. I've been married this time around so far for 1 and 1/2 yrs and even though I know that we are still getting used to each other, I do worry about whether it will really last. I feel like we had a good start but things seem to be going downhill. I don't know if it is just financial stress or if I no longer interest my husband. He does tell me how beautiful I am but I feel like I can't keep his attention. He has a passion for this business he is developing but I wish he would direct some of that same passion towards me.
I am not giving up but I feel really really really frustrated you know?
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1 Response Jan 22, 2013

Have you been able to go back and see what went wrong on both ends in the last 3 marriages? If so have you applied those lessons to this marriage? Open communication is Key in Any relationship! If for some reason you feel that you can't verbally express yourself then at the very least write it all down in a letter. Try not to use a lot of the word "You" (meaning him) when communicating especiall to the start of a sentance because it can make him feel like you're being accusatory and he may feel that he's being attacked. Exp:"You do this, You don't do that, You don't pay me any attention, etc." instead try phrasing things like "I feel a lone when your focusing so much on work which I know is important to you, but it would mean a lot to me if ...." I hope things are looking better for you 2 soon! :)