Marriage Sucks!

I think part of my problem is that I just really don't like being married. I have been married for almost three years now. I've questioned my decision for at least two and a half of them. Since then, there aren't many days that go by where I don't imagine what my life would be like right now if I were still single. I can't help but think I'd be much happier. The thing is, though, that I can't tell anymore if it's marriage or just being married to my wife that makes me want to bash my head through a brick wall. Basically, I can't tell if it's me or us. Am I just unwilling to change and adjust to married life? Or is this a case of not being compatible with my wife? I have already changed a lot (probably too much) in an attempt to make this work, so I can't help but think that's not the problem. Of course, how quickly we decided to marry probably didn't help much, either. Anyway, this whole thing depresses me because I really dislike being married, but I also really don't want to be divorced.

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i am married for almost 6 months and i dont feel happy before even marriage, but my mum kept convincing me that all men are the same especially in the middle east. the funny part that we used to date and when we got engaged everything become different and until marriage i was not convinced, especially that he is abusing me with my past relations because i was very honest and open, which is not very common in our culture. currently, he travelled for 3 months now and i feel so lonely and he doesnt talk to me on skype that much that makes me feel i am in his life and i managed to travel twice but i cant afford and i dont have enough vacations to visit him. i wonder where did this love all go, it is very nice to hear that he misses me but in reality i dont see any actions in this regards and everyday i sleep with pills feeling why did i marry the wrong person!

I am totally on the same boat as you. I have been married for 3 years and have been lamenting it ever since.

Nobody here is going to give you the right advise! The best advise for you to do is PRAY!! You got married for a reason if it was rushed or not. Be patient with each other and do things with one another to reopen your love with each other. I wish you the best of luck! As long as you have faith and believe god will be there no matter what! Take it day by day

i am un happy to i hav great convo with other people n they listen with me my husband on the other hand is not a phone person n a wife person because he give his friends more attention i have never had a problem with him havin all types of friends but i feel left out like i must compete for his attention now n that hurts me :(