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I'm Tired Of My Wife!

I have been married for over 5 years now. we have 4 kids that I care the world for. My marriage, on the other hand, is miserable. She is a "house wife/stay at home mom". I work at night and when I come home in the morning, I usually go straight to bed. When I wake up I find that nothing has been cleaned and she has done NOTHING AT ALL. She always says she is going to have the house cleaned, but all she does is set at the computer or the TV all day and all night, The only thing she seems to do it YELL and SCREAM at me all the time. Not only am I the one bringing home the money I am the one that has to cook and clean aswell, and I have had enough of it. I do not mind "HELPING" with the housework, but i shouldn't have to everything, she should to do something and care about my feelings. Also she does not punish the kids when they get in trouble, so the run her over and do not listen to her. She expects me to get out of bed after I just got off and take care of the kids. I have told her time and time again the she needs to put her foot down and make them listen, but does she do it...."NO" she only relys on me to deal with them. On another note, we havent had sex together in almost 10 months, and the only time she has is because she is afraid that I will go get it somewhere else...I havent gone that far yet, but has been a thought on my mind. 
I try to do the best I can and to provide for my family. All I want is a wife that helps me out with the housework, after all she IS HOME ALL DAY.
krs2010 krs2010 22-25, M 2 Responses Jul 2, 2010

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Wow, that sound like the same thang im going thro now, so how r u all now?

Hell, I'll marry you!