Don´t Know What To Do

we love each other but I´m not happy. we don´t communicate well, he doesn´t talk to me much and that is something I really really need. he doesn´t open up and I don´t feel loved. he also told another women some seriously private things about me which is a very humiliating experience and I find it hard to live with. it makes me sad and angry everyday. i don´t feel safe because I don´t trust him anymore. I took for granted some things were private between the two of us but clearly not and that makes me feel like I can´t go on with him.

still, we have a lot of happy times together and we´ve created a life together, but there is so much hurt and anger that I don´t know what to do with. also, the one-sided attempt to communicate is getting tiresome. also, he has a way og judging me very harshly and thinking ill of me which he believes is normal probably because he´s parents were mean to him as a child.
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2 Responses Jul 15, 2010

sorry to hear that prettypolygirl, i hope things work out for you. take care:)

I know how you feel. My boyfriend is the same way. I'm so hurt, and tired, and sore and give up. Im tired of drowning and feeling unheard and disrespected that I can't even get up the energy to stand up. To speak. I want to move on. But it is hard when you do love him. I've made a life together with him and I dont regret the things I've done but now I'm just waiting for this to blow up so I can get finally get the courage to end this. I keep waiting for something to give me the push to leave but its so hard because even though your not happy its not horrible and you can choose to give up on who you are as a person to gain the time to be in the relationship your in. Do you know what I mean? The longer you choose to stay the more you shut yourself off and out so to accommodate what you need to do to stay in it.