I Am Unhappy In My Current Relationship

Proposal...disaster. Engagement...tedious. Marriage....OK?
My fiance proposed last Christmas three different times. The first was "a joke" after which he turned white and asked for the ring back and said he was not ready for my reaction. Second time he took me to "Top of the Rock" in Manhattan and said " this is where I was going to ask you to marry me". Next day he says "you might as well have this" and puts it on my finger. We had a huge fight with my crying and asking for him to not treat this as a joke just because he is uncomfortable. He finally gets on his knees and said all the stuff I wanted to hear and I believe that he meant it.

Which brings us to the planning stage where his mother has summarily taken over and planned the entire thing. I wanted a planned elopement with little or no family or friends, just us spending the day together. His mother wants us to invite 65 people and have a father daughter dance ( I don't have a father btw). I have finally got fed up and told him he had three options the other day. Call off the wedding, elope or he and his mother could plan the whole thing and I want out of it. His reply? Mute silence. He will not talk about it, he will not argue, yell or express his opinion. He chooses to ignore me and go about his business. He is a very kind sweet man but I just need someone to stop telling me how kind he is.

Oh and his mother said I look "matronly" in my wedding dress.

Do i just need to take the blinders off?
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1 Response Nov 17, 2011

He is not the one. You know it, you're just hoping someone will give you arguments to stay longer.<br />
<br />
Leave, and lick your wounds. This is not the right man for you. You will grieve and find someone better.