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I Think I Deserve To Be Happy...

Ive been n my current relationship for almost two yrs now and I have a beautiful SON who I love more than life itself,I thought I loved my boyfriend n was n love w.him but he has cheated on me sooooooo many times,jus disrespectful havin these hoes n my apt n car n never remorseful.Now not only do I think hes still cheating,so many people r telling me he is,he is also very disrespectful he curses me out,talks about me and never apologizes.I feel soooo stupid because I love him n want us to be together but I am not happy,he hurts my feeings everyday and Im always wondering if he is cheating.he lies alot n hes sooo mean,I think mayb I feel like I cant live without him or find nething better.I think I deserve to be happy.....
Lovingmyson06 Lovingmyson06 22-25, F 1 Response Jan 11, 2012

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Yes, you deserve happiness. Leave the BIG loser, please. A healthy, loving, and long lasting relationship can not exist when you're living in that kind of abuse. Your son is also absorbing all of that negativity. As hard as it may be (because I know that you have a 2 year old son by him), leave the jerk and let him live life alone until he gets it together. Find a career (if you don't have one already), further your education (if you want to), do some soul searching, live your life and make the best life possible for you and your son. It will be hard to be 100% completely there for your child when you haven't loved yourself enough to leave all of that drama behind. There is a MUCH better life that you and your son can have and ultimately, a much better father figure and partner.