Depress House Wife

I have been with my fiancee for a year and two months, he have two kids and i have none. in the beginning of the relationship it was perfect, we spend lots of family time together, had lots of fun enjoying each other. he was supporting the family financially, five months later, he lost his job, i started doing every thing for my family, all the bills everything.. that time we were our happiest.
Now things beging turning, im out of money i spent every last dime on him and the kids. he recently got a job and all of a sudden i became the enemy.
he told me that i wamt from him is money, he treat me like im is helper, now i have no social life, all my friends hate me because of him.. he buy the kids computers, gifts, every thing they want, and all i hear every time i am too needy. if i look sad he never ask if im ok.
i just feel trapped, unwanted, depressed, sad, i want to leave but i cant, i gave this man every thing i had, everyday i sped at least one hour locked away and cry...
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22-25, F
3 Responses Jul 6, 2012

Honey, the feelings of trapped, unwanted, depressed, sad are NO way to feel and you need to find a way, ANY way to get out NOW!!! His complete disregard for your needs and your feelings demonstrates a complete lack of respect and genuine care and consideration and this sounds to me like the beginnings of an abusive relationship, if it isn't already. Your friends don't hate you but they've probably tried to talk to you about this and you havne't listened and there is only so much they can do. It's time to swallow your pride, pack your bags and run to those friends who WILL support you and encourage you to rebuild your life!! You can do this!! You're strong and you have your WHOLE life ahead of you! Luv to you darling!!! xoxo

You are so young. Why tie down with an a-hol. You don't have any kids, he has two, he proly don't want any more. Go find yourself a man with no ties and start fresh. Ok, so you spent a lot of $ on him and His kids. Money can always be made, you only have one life, don't waste it being miserable.

Trust me. He is attacking you because you did what he couldn't do and now he is working and reminding you that he runs things. Also is he 40ish. Mid life. Bad for men. And men don't like when woman do what they should do and do better. Remind him that you can and did work and can again. And then give him the bird and an expletive.