My Boyfriend Has A Baby With His Ex!

Hi everyone I'm new to this page but I really need some advise from someone else's point of view! I meet my boyfriend in November of last year we instantly fell in love and we started dating right after we met! Two months into our relationship we txt messages me and tells me his ex girlfriend is pregnant....that news tore my world apart I couldn't beleive that was actually happening to me! I tried ending things because I honestly didn't want to be in between any drama but he he told me not to leave him that he honestly loves me and he wants to be with me so I stayed...everything was fine and then his ex just started looking for him more and more and he never stopped talking to her but he lied to me about not talking to her! I was so upset! But I eventually got over it... And our relationship kept going! I am now living with him and it's almost been 10 months this month and things are so bad.... He tells me he loves me and he can't live without me but he won't stop talking to his babys mother and she is always textin him things like o I wish you were here with the bby and I and she is just textin him at random times it's just so frustrating and he doesn't understand that that's not right! He has to give me my place as his girlfriend his fiancé and he doesn't he let's his ex talk to him however she feels like it cuss words and everything! If I ever talked to him that way he would leave me! I have thought so many times in just getting my things and leaving! I mean it's only been 1 month that I started living with him! I just can't beleive he doesn't put a stop to all of this drama! I'm just emotionally tired how can I tell him that him letting her txt him at all times isn't right and also he has been talking about getting a lawyer and stuff to get his rights as a dad but he just hasent done anything to get that done! I just want my boyfriend back! And I want his ex to get over him and let us be happy!:( she just uses their baby as an excuse for her to be textin him at all times that isn't right at all!!! I just need advice please!!
Maxpain1113 Maxpain1113
18-21, F
Sep 7, 2012