It's the End

I've written stories about it so many times but now it's really so close to the end.

I'm dead. I'm ******* dead. I said something really stupid. Just a sentence. I just wanted to make my girlfriend see how bad I feel. But it came out completely wrong. And now she's completely angry with me and I understnd it. I've completely ****** things up. She wants to break up and not even stay friends with me. I don't love her anymore, I can deal with the break-up but I can't deal with her not wanting to be my friend anymore. I hope I can turn her mind around somehow but I'm so scared I can't. And I don't think I can. I don't know how to go on, I don't want to lose her becauase of this dumb mistake. I feel like killing myself, I want to take that horrible sentence back but I can't. God, I don't want to lose her.

GothGrrrl GothGrrrl
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 12, 2007

Maybe let her calm down and then approach her in a loving way. Don't deny what you said but admit it came out in the heat of the moment. But that you love her and want to be with her. If she loves you she will understand.