I Am Sad With The Results Of My Relationship

I got married recently this past summer, I almost called our wedding off because of  pictures my husband was recieving from a girl he used to work with. We had previously broken up for almost a year because of his cheating while I was pregnant with our first son. I thought I oculd make it work if he promised to change so we got  back together and had our second soon. Right before our wedding I found out about this flirtatious online and phone texting relationship. I was so angry I had told him if anything like that happened again I would break up with him. It ended up being harder than I thought with our wedding around the corner everyone made me feel so much pressure to just make it work. I do try but i feel like I have made a huge mistake. I obviously can't trust him He's told me plenty of times he would change and hasn't I don't see how being actually married will make a difference. He keeps telling me I'm not being fair to him because people can change. I have given him so many chances though, I don't feel like I can do this. But there are so many other people that will be upset if I break up with him now including my kids. I just feel like I should deal with it since I went ahead and married the guy in spite of what I knew. I dug my own grave but does that mean I have to lie in it? :(

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2 Responses Feb 24, 2010

It depends. How many more years of your life do you want to waste being unhappy and sad with a cheater?

I´m so sorry for you. it really is difficult; figuring out what one can forgive and live with. has things gotten any better?