Grown Apart

My Story, We have been together since highschool, 17yrs old (both of us) We have shared the same friends then, as we do now(same friends from high school).
We are both in our late 30's & 40. We have children and were in love for a few years. Then something changed, i started to realize we were not the same anymore, we come from two different worlds where it was something we could handle when we were younger but as we have grown older, we now see differently. I don't really feel anything for him anymore but do not know what to do,i have always been the centre of attention in any group and am very outgoing,active,fit and he is the opposite. It is hard to talk to friends and family about how i feel because we share the same friends. This is only the half of the story, but i feel i have wasted much time on something i thought would work, i don't know what to do,i'm not as happy as i once was .I feel trapped and feel i'm missing out on being loved and loving in the way that i really want to.
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I have made donuts my number one friend. It's my zen, my way back to sanity and I look forward to a coffee & donut almost everyday. It hasn't let me down, which is why I go running back to it. I've told my husband that I refuse to grow old with a negative, moody & uncommunicative individual like him. I told him he needs to seek help because it's affecting the kids & me. I used to love having him home but now I love having him out of the house. I tell him to go out with friends/siblings but he seems to want to come home and make us miserable. So, the kids and I will continue to hang out at the donut shop.

I can relate to much of what you said. over been married almost 11 years, we have three kids and I just feel things have changed. I feel trapped unable to do anything about it.dont have anyone to talk to about it. I know if I tell my husband I want to separate he'll br hurt.

This is the kind of thing that has happened to me and my wife we met aged, 16 and 19 and now in our mid 40s there's nothing much between us now its a gradual process that has happened over time and some bad experiences in the marriage have also contributed. We are at the stage that i have told her im not happy and i think i should leave, she is devastated but i think she just doesn't want to accept it,i want to feel happy again. Its not a good situation to be inans i don't envy the choices you might have to make. I hope you have more support than i have good luck

I read your story and feel your pain. What happens over time that two people, once lovers, become strangers?