My heart and my head are so confused..I feel like someone is dying but it's my marriage.. And I have be the one to pull the plug with extremely shaky hands.
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My sister was about 12 during my parents divorce, with myself being 19. We both handled it extremely well. The sooner you cut this path, the sooner you can start a better one. Everything will work out.

Me too but I can't. I have two kids. I'm not brave enough to do it even though knowing he doesn't love me and treats me very bad!

You have to be strong for your kids. They are very sensitive and can pick up things. You don't want them to think that a bad relationship is normal or they will build their own on your example. You have to put your fears aside and do what's right for you AND your kids.

Thanks! I understand perfectly! He is a good father indeed just not a good husband.

Nobody can make your choice. Do what makes you happy. But not just for today or next week. Look ahead 1-2 years and where do you want to be. Only one person can't make a marriage work.

I feel like I'm giving up on him and just wish I knew what our future held as I make decisions

Odds are you will be at the same place a year from now if you do nothing. You can only change you.