I Can Not Stand My Wife Anymore

I would have already left if it was not because of my 4 year old daughter. Just write her a check and move on The problem is I am a good dad had a rough life growing up and always promised I am going to give my kids the best start in life. She would spend everything we have on stupid s..t I have paid off 30k in credit card debt she has blown she agreed to give up all her cards except one
Guess what she spent 10k on just as I agreed to payoff the card she spent another 4k . She had agreed to a 3k a month monthly
(just take to care of my daughter everything else is paid for ) Household budget she still spends more . She sleeps till 11 i have animosity toward her I work six days a week she is having a blast I am happy she takes good care of my daughter but that's all we have no sex life can not even hold a conversation
I am tired of arguing she is very insecure will not go to a marriage counselor (we wre going it was helping but stoped ) because she thinks they will be biased
The only reason I am here is for my daughter I do not want separate , do not want any body raising my kid but me
Otherwise I would be gone we are like roomates she is well taken care and absolute ungrateful I do not have to be unhappy
I can be with some one who will appreciate the good life and give back I was rough around the edges and but I have come a long way
Never raise a hand on her but she is just unbearable most if the time I stay at work long hours just so I do not have to assosiate
With her maybe talk to her for 10 minutes a day on the phone and see her a couple of hours a day
This is a rough economy alot of people have lost their home s and jobs I have managed to keep them sheltered
She just does not ******* understand how hard it is
Orangekrush Orangekrush
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Dude I completely understand. My wife is the same way. It seems that she intentionality put me in more debt for me to dig out of and refuses to work, like end of story. The only reason I am here is for my son. Recently I have had thoughts of anew emotional affair just to find some happiness on an intimate level. Has anyone done this if so how did it work out for you?

Tell her to get a job.

I know exactly how feel, I have a wife who can sleep all day. I am only with my wife because of my 11 year old son. I have been sleeping on the floor for the last 6 months. Good luck to you and hang in there.

and she could sleep till one

sounds like my wife..except she is cheap

I really hate this for you Mr. Krush. You should be very proud of the fact that you have put your daughters well being before yours and your wife's. The only thing though is your daughter is learning how to be a woman by witnessing what her mother does. Hopefuly your daughter will not grow up thinking that all women sleep til 11, spend money and not work. Good luck to you and hope your situation gets better for all of you.

Yeah man I know EXACTLY whay you mean. I wrote a story about not leaving just because of my 3 years old princess in "I am married but lonely" group.<br />
Hey, listen, you are a REAL man and a GOOD person because you are giving up from your personal happiness in name of your daughter's.<br />
I know its no consolation, but you have my respect sir!

I'm in the same boat as you guyz, hopefully things will be better for all...