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Feeling Really Stuck

I have been married most of my adult life to a man, that is angry at the world, he woke everyone up last night yelling and having a tantrum because one of my daughters friends called at midnight and woke him . We were all sleeping and had to wake up early for work but he never considers anyone but himself. I'm really tired of being married to a man that never cares about my feelings.
Patricia76 Patricia76 51-55 2 Responses Jul 22, 2010

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Pack your stuff and leave. Do it in front of him. Say all the bad stupid crap he does that upsets you while you pack. By the time you get that last bag to the care. Hopefully he will be on his knees begging you to not go. You then make him promise to treat you with more respect. <br />
Was He an only child?

I would say leave...or find some outlet for anger and a place to have some fun.