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I Used To Be In A Crappy Marriage

In every marriage that goes sour there is usually two people to blame...its usually never entirely one persons fault...and there is usually good in both people too.

In my marriage I feel like we were just never meant for eachother to begin with. We had never dated anyone else so had noone and nothing to compare the relationship to.
We did have some common interests, but very different personalities.

I was more of the kid and he was more of the dad. I was good with money and responsible and things...i do not mean i was immature in behavior that mattered...but I will always be a kid..I just enjoy stuff kids do...cartoons, toys r us, dressing up in costumes, loud fast happy music etc...

he likes reading newspapers and silence. I hate being alone... he loves to be alone..

I loved sex and wanted tons of it..he wanted it occasionally.

he was loyal and hard working but just not suited for me.

he loved to control tho and had anger management issues. he was very emotionally abusive, which was partly a fault of the cult we had been involved in. after i moved out he got on a mood stabilizer along with his anti depressants and tried harder to act decent, he got counseling too...and is currently a much better person then before tho still controlling and stuff.

I have a somewhat submissive nature but the point to which he controlled every minute was unbearable and i could not take all the harping and nagging as if i was never good enough no matter how hard i tried.

his mom did not seem to like or accept me either.

now his mom cooks and cleans for him and I am with a way better man tho, way more suited to my personality and needs and much much much kinder
Gelfwings Gelfwings 26-30, F 5 Responses Nov 1, 2010

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I'm also unhappy in my marriage but I know it's my fault at the beginning I tought that i could change my wife's habbits but no... Nobody changes...only my love fade out...


Good for you that you have the courage to leave and found someone better. Hope this 2nd one will last.

Great always involves 2!! I do not like when someone does take responsibility for their own part.

I completely understand you situation. My husband and I were also involved in a cult and ended up married. When we left the cult, we had nothing else in common. Now, I'm stuck in this marriage.