Loves Not There Anymore

After 13 years and two of my 5 kids are his I am truly unhappy. He loves me but we have been through so much that my love for him has changed or lost. Half of the time I wish he wasn't even around and he sticks to me like glue now that he's out of work.
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5 Responses Oct 31, 2011

He's not easy to talk to and gets stupid when I talk to him about work but I'll figure it out. Thanks for the good luck wishes.

It's not fun at all having him around 24-7 and If I mention work he gets upset.

thanks for your responses... I've tried dealing with it all and I just think he killed the love last summer when we were separated for three months. Besides the fact that I feel suffocated with him looking over my shoulder all the time. Again thanks and lets see what happens.

Maybe think, why did I fall in love with this man? Think of the wonderful things you loved about him, maybe his smile or the way he kisses your forehead when your sad, re-connect with him on a new level, try to re-ignite that fire and passion you once had. See him in a new light.

That can't be fun if he is around you all the time and you don't want him to be anymore.Best thing you can do for now is find him a job.I hope you find happiness no one should be unhappy.Thanks for sharing.