I'm Always Alone

I like most in this experience am married to a military man. Before I graduated from college, I was swept off my feet by a Naval Officer who is more than a decade my senior. I was enamored with him, he treated like a queen, spent money like there was no end to it. He was a good lover. All was well, but I found out that the Navy was his true love, but he couldn't screw the Navy so that's were I came in. He volunteers for every special operations type thing that comes along. I'm not even sure what he does although I know at times he is helicoptered to subs flies home for weeks at a time then gone for months at a time. There is nothing routine for him and that's one thing he loves about his job. He's a Navy Cmdr but he's worried if he makes Capt, his fun is over and he'll be 'stuck' somewhere as he puts it. What's a girl to do...
Maryluanna Maryluanna
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1 Response Nov 9, 2011

It sounds like you feel hurt because your husband places his job first. And you're also not happy because he's gone so much. Have you brought up with him how that makes you feel? If you don't voice what you want, he won't know that you're not happy and what he can do to make you happy. Maybe he decides not to volunteer for every special operations once he knows how it makes you feel. Make sure the timing is right before you bring this up with him, meaning don't do it when he's about to pack for his next trip.

I think my time is coming. Another friend also in the Navy said don't worry he only has 2 more years and the Navy will promote him for his 'out standing service' which he will take as the Navy '******** on him'. He will retire with 20 yrs as a USN Capt. Quite a feat if your not a Dr. or Chaplain or something like that. So 2 more yrs, I guess I can do that.