Tired Of Being Cussed Out On A Daily

Yeah, I said cussed out, the **** that comes out of my wife's mouth is beyond cursing...it's cussing!  Everyday for at least five years straight including holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, weekends, days off work, everyday she finds a reason to spit horrible remarks at me.  I was told just yesterday "to just stay the **** away from her computer."  We have a laptop and a desktop, she works mostly from the laptop but I have to take the laptop to work, so she couldnt find some file she wrote, told me to stay my stupid *** away from the computer, because i'm always ******* **** up.  I said let me find what you are looking for, I always save files in my own spot for occassions like this.  Sure enough I found what she needed and she was on to the next cussing session regarding me not changing a light bulb in the kitchen which I didnt know was out.  Its hard to notice a damn blown light bulb after working 16-18 hours a day, i do production work on sets.  My wife dont clean, her bathroom smells horrible, ill clean it just because i dont want my son in a nasty bathroom, but she does nothing to maintain it.  She leaves shoes and menstrual pads on the kitchen table, but yet i never cuss her out about her filth.  This my first story, i feel like i can write all day, i haven't even got to the part about my wife bursting my eardrum and permanently damaging 40% of my hearing in my left ear.
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Haha sucka, sucks to be you!

Its sad when people have to live with mentally unstable people that can abuse others at will. All because they know they have the upper hand. Well Karma is a *****....that will come calling one day for them. Keep up the faith my friend, live for yourself and your children.....don't allow hatred to fill you. When you go to their level you have lost the fight. Vent it out and perhaps make a plan to leave one day....Good luck to you !!!

Thanks, all comments mean a lot to me

It's always around the kid, i think she's just crazy. I'm a good dude, I've never done anything to her. This is just the beginning of stories and confessions I have, stay tuned...

What was she like before you got married? Did this come out of nowhere, or was it always there, but just got worse? What were her parents like? Usually this behavior comes from a parent who modeled it growing up?

Pretty much started when her mom moved in with us, her mom is looney tunes. She definitely learned the madness from her mom. My point is that she is old enough to know better at this point. I got a gun story involving my mother in law. I need to join "I hate my mother in law group

What's unfortunate in society is that if a.woman wants to abuse her husband, she can pretty much get away with it. My wife is abusive, physically and emotionally, and I have little recourse other than leaving her. The courts will usually side with the woman as well, when the man decides to leave the relationship. I don't leave because I can't bear the thought of not having my children in my life daily.

I get it, no way in hell I will leave my son with my wife and her mother, stay strong

OMG my friend, i'm so sorry, how can your wife treat you like that?? I just hope it doesn't happen near your kid :S.<br />
Are you serious about the pads on the kitchen table? Tha'ts just gross come on, does she have some kind of mental disease? Does she suffer from depression? Cause there's no way a woman would act like that... Did you do something to her in the past and maybe she's now making you pay for it??<br />
And you can write all you want, doesn't have to be a long story, even little confessions help :)