Soo Unhappy, Don't Know What To Do

Hi, I have been married for less than 2 years. I feel unhappy and I know deep down I don't love my husband. He is a good person bu not for me. We got married really quickly. At the time, I was recovering from depression and death of a parent. Everything happened so fast that it felt like a dream. I have lost respect for him over time as he cannot support me financially. We had an extremely difficult first year of marriage. I have caught him telling white lies and I am just fed up covering for him whatever it may be. He is trying to better himself but its simply not good enough for me. We don't spend any quality time together and all he wants to do is go out with his mates and spend money which could be put towards household expenses. We are planning to have a family but sex is emotionless and far from passionate. I am miserable and I simply don't know what to do. I hate feeling like this and miss the old me full of life.
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then walk away silly girl why be unhappy f you have no kids

If you truly feel this way about him then you shouldn't continue to endure it. In my opinion I would say get out while you can, before you do create that family you are planning. <br />
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Logically this does not make you a terrible person if what you say is true and he doesn't commit to anything in the relationship.<br />
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Is divorce not an option?