I'm Ready For This To Be Over Now

We both suck at communicating and, in all honestly, I just don't care anymore and don't see us staying together much longer. He gets pissed off about everything and complains when I ask him to do too much. No one has to ask me to do anything at home, I do it because it needs to be done, I don't sit on the couch until someone asks me to do something. When he tries to kiss me, touch me, or even hug me, I turn away or tell him stop. I have NO physical, emotional, or sexual attraction towards him anymore and it doesn't seem like something that is easy to get back. There are too many things about him that annoy me or disgust me...I'm not even going to start listing everything. I love his family, but I hate the way he treats his mother. I know I deserve to be happy with a better person who I can honestly say "I love you" to (we all deserve that at the very least). I'm just waiting for my raise to go through so I know I'll be able to provide for myself and our daughter without his paycheck. Any advice wouuld be great...I'm hoping to settle things without a lawyer, but don't know how well that would work with custody.
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It's all too easy to stay static and just let things roll on....you're doing the right thing.<br />
How are things progressing though ? <br />
It's very rare to settle things without the intervention of a lawyer/solicitor as you probably already know. Having things settled with the aid of a solicitor is a lot cleaner and leaves no come backs all round, everything is black and white whereas doing it yourself leaves things really murcky. I hope it goes ok, short term unpleasantness will pay dividends long term though........Chat to me anytime xx

If you can both come to mutual agreements on custody, child support and how you will split your estate there will be no need for lawyers. Draw up an agreement that you can both sign and it will be legally binding. Make sure it's fair to both of you!<br />
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The only reason you might need a lawyer is if you can't agree to what's fair. Any lawyer will tell you different because they are all crooks and *************!<br />
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You'll need to file papers with the courts but you can get free advice on that on-line. Make sure the advice is applicable to YOUR state. Each state has their own laws when it comes to divorce and they can differ a lot.

Thanks, I hope we can work something out that easily; I know I can, it's him I'm unsure of.

good luck!

I just want to say good luck. You will need a lawyer to protect you and your daughter. Make sure you get one. Make copies of all the bills before you are ready to leave this proves what bills you had at the time you left. Make sure you take a copy of yours and his bank statements as well as paycheck stubs because you will need to prove how much he makes. Document everything you can, as that is your proof. Take pictures of your furniture and what the home looks like. When his lawyer tells the judge differently you have the proof behind you by collecting all the things you need ahead of time.. Try getting three months work that are in a row. Make copy of your income tax papers specially if they were joint. Remove all your copies once you get them and place them in a safe place. <br />
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Doing just a few things ahead of time will help you in the long run down the line.

Thankyou. Such a process, but it has to happen.