Sad And Confused

I've been married to my husband for 14 months and the past 12 months have been tough for me. We have one son together but he has children with other women. I though I can handle knowing my husband has other children but I realize that it is hard for us. He works but still doesn't make enough to pay child support along with the household bills and his own personal bills. He pays bills late and there have been time when our electricity, cable and water have been turned off because he did not pay the bills. My son doesn't have any insurance and was dropped from the plan because my husband was not able to pay the premium every month. Last year I had to pay for my son's summer camp tuition and birthday gifts by myself. It's hard to deal with him because I want to separate from him but I don't want to hurt my son. He adores his father and he will probably hate me if he has to move out. I can't continue to do this and pay for everything on my own. I never thought I would be doing worse than I was when I was single...but I am!
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2 Responses May 2, 2012

Well you knew it that he had children form other women still you chose to marry him? If yes then you need to tell him that this child of yours has got equal rights as others have got. The other children are living with their mothers? Has your husband separated off from them i mean a divorce or he dint get married to them? How many women does he have in his life apart from you? If he is a divorcee then he can support them but he is not supposed to take all the responsibilities as he is married to you now. You should be discussing this with him and tell him that you and your child should be his first priority rather than anybody else. Even after doing this he is not ready to take responsibility then you should think about the next step. And even if you think about divorce you should not be worried about your son as you have to make him understand the reason why you are doing this and i am sure he will understand this sooner or later.

You say 'Last year I had to pay for my son's summer camp tuition and birthday gifts by myself'. Does this mean that you work too?<br />
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'But he has children with other women.' Did you discuss how much child support was going to be taken from your family budget? This usually means the current family has to sacrafice for the sake of the first children. Which means the dad has to make alot of money, or work more than one job. One thing to consider is having the child support he is paying re-evaluated. He may be able to get it reduced. Mine did.